What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

A Public-Facing City Operations Dashboard

One way for the city to be more open in its operations would be to provide a public-facing dashboard. An example of such a dashboard can be seen by following the link below. The City of Brampton provides a constantly updated website with shows the metrics of the city operations. Not unlike the dashboard in the SIM City games, the dashboard can show finances and assets, various tax revenue, property improvements, energy usage, and expenditures. A dashboard would show City services (customer service) such as permits issued, park services rendered, road maintenance logs, transit ridership figures etc. The dashboard could also show the healthy, safety and welfare of the city, fires, police call, even births and mortality data. In short, citizens could see at any given time what was the status of City operations. It would help citizens be more engaged and be active participants in and have input into management decisions. I'm sure it sounds scary to the upper management, but what a cool tool to be a lot more inclusive and open in Huntsville's governance. And in the long run, I think, it would make elected officials and other city officers more popular as people could see all of the things in real time that the city managers have to juggle.






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