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Affordable Downtown Housing

While I was excited to see the Belk Hudson Loft development in downtown Huntsville, I was disappointed to see the prices that were being charged for those units. Young professionals, like myself, would love the idea of being a part of an "urban" community. However, it makes little fiscal sense to pay over $1000 a month when one could be building equity in a home in Madison for the same amount (or less). If housing in the downtown area was more affordable, it would be much more viable as a community center.

Submitted by wgarrison07 9 months ago

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    9 months ago

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  1. Belk Hudson I understood being so expensive. They never made any assurances otherwise- the developers were clear this was upscale. But the Apartments at Artisan... the new Twickenham district next to the hospital, by the new downtown Publix... those were stated repeatedly by the COH as new "affordable" downtown housing, finally! And lo when you visit their new website www.livingatartisan.com ... $1000+ a month! Not affordable by anyone in this region of the country. We need apartments or townhouses or studios downtown that are an average of $600 a month. Because if people can get a mortgage on a house and land for less than your affordable apartments, I promise they will.

    9 months ago