What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Affordable housing

We have "issues" with landlord/tenant relations in some areas. Is it possible to stand up a page on our city website, maybe in Community Development, covering information like this: http://www.seattle.gov/housing/renters


Do we need solutions for affordable housing (rents at 30% of median income) close to downtown?

What's involved with setting up incentives for affordable housing that isn't Housing Authority managed? This announcement in Seattle WA caught my eye:


"In addition to utilizing the first year of funding from the 2016 voter-passed Seattle Housing Levy, the Office of Housing’s 2017 investments also include funding from incentive zoning payments, proceeds from the sale of surplus properties, and $29 million in bonds approved by the Seattle City Council. Using additional local and federal resources, the City’s awards for rental housing will support more than $260 million in investments."



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