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Aldridge Creek Greenway needs to go thru the Golf Course!

Good news all you bike riders and walkers. Aldridge Creek Greenway expanded north from the Wal-Mart neighborhood store to the golf course. The trail is so beautiful and construction is almost complete. Only a small amount of construction remains before it's ready for public use and the grand opening.


But the trail 's new expansion dead ends at the golf course, separating south Huntsville from the Target shopping center, by a mere 1/2 mile of additional trail. Only the physically fit cyclist would venture through the neighborhood hills to continue north. I'm talking about the Hickory Hill neighborhood which is known for challenging climbs. We've tried taking the neighborhood detour around the golf course, and I'm going to tell you that we have to walk our bikes up that hill. It's brutal. I am retired and physically active, but those hills are impossible.


My wife and I ride our bikes on the greenway almost everyday in the warm weather. We actually have bike bags (panniers) for shopping at Publix and the Walmart Neighborhood Market. We ride to the Library, the Doctor's office, the dog park, and Ditto Landing via the trail. We'd love to extend our bike trips to the Target Shopping Center, but that Hickory Hill detour is beyond our physical limits. And with the panniers loaded with purchases, riding up is impossible, and walking up those hills, pure torture.


Let's get started with a program to extend the greenway along the creek, thru the golf course. Some strategically placed fencing will guard and protect the greenway from golfers drives and chip shots. Many cities across this country combine bike trails and golf courses. It can be done.


So get on the phone, tell Mayor Battle that this trail needs to go thru the golf course. Let's get this trail completed before Mayor Battle leaves Huntsville to become our next Governor. Call Jennie Robinson, our city council representative that we want this complete. We need to raise our voices and let our representatives know we want connected Greenways.


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