What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

An improvement to the new South Memorial Parkway freeway

Although I'm sure most everyone is so glad to see the vast majority of construction on South Parkway come to a close, I believe I see one definite improvement that could be made. Anyone who enters the Parkway heading north from Weatherly Road realizes they have a raw deal. No other major feeder road anywhere on the parkway requires as much service road travel as does Weatherly heading north now; in order to get to the first on-ramp, they must:

1 - check for oncoming traffic at Weatherly and the Parkway before turning right onto the service road;

2 -travel through the Whitesburg Drive/Cameron Road intersection, usually stopping, (there's a reason we mere mortals call them "red lights" instead of "green lights"!);

3 - finally, travel through the Lily Flagg Road / Logan Drive intersection (er, the red light) and merge.


Between the Whitesburg/Cameron overpass and the Lily Flagg overpass, there is not enough distance to put a full on ramp and off ramp, so the designers have opted for only one: an off ramp for access to Lily Flagg /Logan. Fair enough; that's better than nothing. However, if anyone is familiar with traffic patterns here, they will know that Weatherly heading north on the Parkway has much more volume of traffic than the Parkway exiting onto Lily Flagg/Logan. At least it used to; I suspect that Weatherly-to-Parkway traffic is down after completion of the freeway due to this. Everyone (me included) is now using either Lily Flagg or Mountain Gap to enter the Parkway, thus crowding those two-lane roads further.


So why not replace the exit ramp to Lily Flagg with an entrance ramp at the same location (east side of the freeway between the Whitesburg and Lily Flagg overpasses )for Weatherly traffic?


1 - It would make fuller use of a four-lane feeder road.

2 - It would alleviate crowding on the aforementioned two-lane roads.

3 - It would give a boost to whatever development comes to Haysland Square as they would then have a straight shot onto the freeway after navigating the Whitesburg/Cameron intersection. Southbound freeway traffic for Haysland Square already has great access.

4 - Same arguments for the new Grissom High School area.



1 - Unfortunately, when I drove over the Logan Drive/Lily Flagg Road overpass, I saw that unlike the other overpasses, there is barely 8 or 10 feet of right-side shoulder on the overpass itself; nowhere near the 20 feet or so that the other overpasses have for a far right entrance lane. So realistically I guess money probably rules out any modifications as described here.


Thoughts or comments?



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