What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Another possible route around Redstone Arsenal

As I'm sure most people here know, there was talk of putting a controlled access highway across Redstone Arsenal some years back which actually gained considerable momentum, only to be shot down (pun intended) by one of the Army Commanders back then.


But the need is still there. If you look at a map of present-day Huntsville and environs, you'll notice we are developing into two southern branches, one on either side of the Arsenal. For the northern part of the Huntsville area, it isn't as much of an issue.


How about putting a road from Triana (south of the Airport, basically) south across the Tennessee River? It could head east and connect in with Hwy 231 (Memorial Parkway) just south of the river. Here are the pros and cons.



For traffic on the south side of Huntsville, it would take a considerable load off traffic going through the central city.

Also for south Huntsville, it would shorten travel times to Madison, the Airport, Decatur, etc.

It would open up Triana and surrounding area, which currently is an end-of-the-road place.

Most land acquisition wouldn't cost as much as typical prices in the city; the majority would be in north-east Morgan county.

If the Memphis to Atlanta Interstate ever gets resurrected, that route would also make an idea component as a southern loop, connecting back in somewhere around New Hope, as the last M2A plans had shown.



Bridges cost a lot

Still, it isn't straight across the Arsenal


So other than the cost of a bridge, I think that is a good strategy. Comments?



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