What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Beautify the Parkway

The central artery of our city is the Parkway. It is the greeting that visitors have and we citizens see daily. I’d like to see this area become something both beautiful and welcoming for everyone. Many of these concrete eyesores go in daily, Huntsville is extending theirs and doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the beautification of it while installing. In many cities I have seen the patterned concrete in place of where we have industrial unattractive blocks. I have attached pictures of my most recent find of this applications in Cincinati.


Along with the concrete I’d love to see the addition of attractive light poles, overpasses and plantings. All of these elements would make for a much more attractive city center and welcome. We could cut down on the mowing that is needed by utilizing wildflowers that would freely bloom and be left until they go to seed and then once a year be tidied up with a mow down in the late Fall.


Please make Huntsville beautiful!



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