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Big Spring Park Saturday afternoon concert

I'd love to see more live music at the park, including an event modeled after one I saw at Centennial Park in Nashville last fall. The show was a open to the public with picnic style seating around the stage. A few different bands played, food trucks were parked around the perimeter, and a fenced-off biergarten was set up. We have all of the components to make a great afternoon event. It attracted a huge number of people and there was great business for all of the involved vendors.

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  1. We already have 2 events that fit this description.

    Concerts in the Park


    and Lowe Mill's Concerts on the Dock


    1 year ago
  2. While we do have 2 events with series of concerts, I must say that the music isn't very diverse. I go to support the city and get some fresh air, but I wish more soulful artists were booked for these types of events (smooth jazz, latin jazz, neosoul, r&b, reggae, even some old hip-hop). I really miss the DC area.

    1 year ago

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