What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Bold, new foreward thinking ideas.

Ladies and Gentleman of Huntsville and Madison County Alabama as well As North Alabama. If we are to continue to grow and expand, we will need to offer companies and buisnisses the same commiserate amenities from wich they moved from. As an example, When the US Arrmy Aviation Command was transferred here to Redstone from the St. Louis area. Those personnel were leaving the Rams of the NFL at the time as well the MLB Cardinals, Six Flags Mid America and at least one casino river boat operator along the Mississippi River. To our local political and civic leadership I humbly and openly ask you again, please be more flexible,proactive and open minded in the future recruitment of recreational and leisure developments With the rite plan and execution, Huntsville could be a legitimate primary vacation destination as well as a major hub of aerospace and high tech R&D.. Thanks again for your time folks, maybe we’ll meet at a ride que sometime in the future! Roger.




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