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Close streets on Sundays for community bike rides

There are many examples of city wide street closures for biking walking and exercise. Look at the joy on these peoples faces as the ride, walk and play in their city streets. Consider closing lanes on Whitesburg all the way to Weatherly Road, then close two lanes of Weatherly, to Todd Mill, and connect up to the Aldridge Greenway. Thus we'd have a route from downtown to Ditto Landing. Just think how much fun our community would have with this event.


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  1. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    I don't understand why the negative early response. Our city is trying desperately to attract young professionals. They need activities. They party, they play, then they settle down and have children. Here's video from Dallas where they host a slow ride through town, ending in a street party.

    I'm not young anymore, but this looks like a lot of fun.

    1 year ago
    1. I believe the problematic phrase is "close streets" combined with naming major thoroughfares. And for a trip to Ditto and back (25 miles?), we are talking nearly all day. What might be fun for a few can be traffic misery for people who live, go to work, run errands, see family or go to church along that route and nearby.

      1 year ago
  2. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    The idea is that everyone along the closed corridor would be able to mount their bike and ride as far and as long as they desire. To start at their house and return at their leisure. Instead of "close" the streets, close just one or two lanes.

    There are two factions of bike advocates in our midst. One, I call the spandex crowd with their $3000 bikes that boldly go where grandma wouldn't dream of riding. Right into the teeth of auto traffic. The other faction is the families with kids. Well this idea of making a temporary bike route maybe once a month or once a summer would provide an outlet for all the bike advocates. Everyone including grandma would ride.

    Some may argue that our local SCCC bike club offers rides for their club members. Which is true, but, I'm really not interested in riding out in the country side. For me, I want to explore our city on bike. There's really no better way to see a city except by bike or walking.

    1 year ago
  3. I'm torn on this too. I agree on principle that biking Huntsville, especially major areas like Whitesburg, is a great way to see the city and really get a feel for the neighborhoods. Sunday is a bad day for something like because of churches. The police already have their hands full directing traffic at nearly every packed church along this route on Sundays.

    1 year ago
    1. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

      Paige, Saturday would be great too.

      1 year ago
  4. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    Consider the annual mayor's bike ride. Use that ride, and get the mayor to ride all the way to Ditto. Families along the route would be able to join the mayor as he rides by their neighborhood. Have the route pass by our local bike shops, and other sponsoring companies. What a statement he'd be making in support of bike riding, health, families.

    1 year ago
  5. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    NYC Five Borough bike tour is an example of the excitement created by closing the streets. 32000 bike riders ride 42 miles.

    1 year ago
  6. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    The rise of Open Streets across the nation is not new. Lots of cities are doing it. Another great video of successful cities celebrating Open Streets.

    1 year ago
  7. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    On May 4th, a town in Northern California, Redding, will be closing their streets from 10 till 4pm. http://shastalivingstreets.org/activities-and-events/may-4th/

    1 year ago
  8. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    I couldn't have said this better. Our children have lost their freedom to roam.

    As I child in Michigan, 1960s, I road my bike everywhere. I relished it.


    1 year ago
  9. dave.j.cousins Idea Submitter

    Another example of street closures comes from Seattle Washington. Where they created a bike to school event. Street closures are part of this activity. Take a look and see how excited these kids are riding their bikes to school.

    1 year ago

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