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Convert Russel Erskine to Hotel

The Russel Erskine is a beautiful building downtown, steps from the park, listed on the U.S Register of Historic Places and could be an incredible "boutique" type hotel space for the city of Huntsville. While I realize the building is privately owned and it serves an important role to its residents, what a wonderful possibility for this landmark building to be turned back into the hotel it originally was and help the city meet the need of additional hotel space downtown.

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  1. It's currently in use and well tended. If it were abandoned or in disrepair, sure, but it's neither. Focus should be on getting the empty derelict spaces filled before renovating a functional one.

    1 year ago
  2. It may not turn out to be this building, but Huntsville is definitely in need of a an elegant bed & breakfast downtown, or an artsy youth hostel, or both. These establishments help define a location as a tourist worthy destination. I have ended up a tourist in small towns in cities around the world for no other reason but because they had a neat B & B that I wanted to experience. I have also been put up in really nice B & B's for interviews, as a stay in a well run, well located B & B can make a good impression of a town for career relocation decisions.

    1 year ago
  3. I've always thought the Kildare Mansion would make for a lovely B&B!

    1 year ago

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