What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Decriminalize Marijuana in Huntsville

Medical marijuana is legal in 25 states. Recreational Marijuana is now legal in 9 states plus the District of Columbia. Next to legalize is Michigan, New Jersey, New York, New Hampshire, Illinois, Nevada, they will soon be legal too. Recent nationwide polling indicated 64% of voting age Americans believe alcohol is more dangerous than Marijuana.


Huntsville should boldly go where no other southern city has gone before. Our city council should vote to decriminalize Marijuana, and be a leader in the southern States.


Currently Marijuana arrests are used to racially discriminate, breaking up families unnessessarily. 4 to 1 ratio, black to white arrests. Meanwhile there are 9 states in this country where I can buy and use Marijuana without fear of going to jail.


Did you know that never in the history of Marijuana has an overdose caused death. Did you know that Marijuana is a drug that is useful for many health issues?


People are still going to jail for possession and use of this drug. They shouldn't be. They shouldn't have to buy Marijuana from the same guy who sells far more deadly and addicting drugs either. Rather they should be able to buy Marijuana from a dispensary.


Let's not put anymore people in jail for the drug.


Here is some reading material. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/poll-legal-marijuana-support-record-high-u-s/


It's time to decriminalize it.


It will be interesting to read your comments.



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