What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Downtown Art and Murals

With all of the big money mixed use developments currently underway in Huntsville (which I'm excited to see complete and operational), it could sometimes be easy to overlook smaller projects that help add beauty to downtown. I'm excited to see a large mural in progress at the corner of Greene St. and Randolph Ave. What was a blank red wall is being turned into art that will help add visual interest for those walking downtown. I love seeing an area become a destination for those who want to go on an urban hike and explore the city, take photos, and just enjoy being outside. Increasing foot traffic downtown is key for the city's growth so that people aren't just going downtown for one specific reason (a meal, the park, etc.) and then leaving. Giving reasons to stay longer, walk around, and make a day out of being downtown is what I like seeing more of for Huntsville. I hope to see this trend continue!



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