What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Downtown Jobs

I would love to see an effort made to attract tech companies and other businesses to downtown Huntsville. So much emphasis is being placed on restaurants, retail, and apartments in the downtown area. This is a great thing, and I am so excited to see the developments continue. I grew to love being in downtown Huntsville so much that I decided to buy a home downtown. I was strongly considering moving to another city a few years ago, but Huntsville just kept going in the right direction with development, and it is a great place to be with a very promising future. The additional apartment options, a few coffee shops/restaurants actually being open downtown on Sunday, and all the cool events are making Huntsville more appealing to young people who grew up here or people who are considering moving here.


One area I hope to see improve is the diversity of job options in the city center. The downtown area is lacking jobs other than law offices, banks, the hospital, and a small amount of retail and dining. Many decide they want to live downtown to be able to walk to coffee shops, bike to Big Spring Park, and enjoy the charm and sense of community. However, most people that live in the area have to commute to an outer area for work, because there is a serious lack of emphasis on companies operating downtown. I read articles frequently about how companies are investing in urban areas in comparable cities rather than the suburbs, because it's where millennials want to live and work. Obviously, it's not a good fit for every type of company to be in this location, but I would like to see more options and some diversity of where tech companies and businesses are located.


I am aware of how commercial real estate companies target food and retail businesses in other great cities to try to get them (or similar concepts) to open doors in our city. I would like to see more of this strategy to target tech companies and businesses for downtown Huntsville locations. It's promising each time I hear of a tech company with an office in a place like Lincoln Mill. I love seeing that and hope the trend continues. A sort of Lowe Mill environment housing many smaller companies would be amazing as well.



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