What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Fun Attractions

This is one thing the Huntsville is in Desperate need of. Times are changing and this generation of Huntsville you always have to travel outside of Huntsville to have fun. We are off to a good start with Shakalaka Trampoline Arena opening soon. Huntsville needs to be a city of Fun as well as great food, events and shopping. Something like Andretti (Go Karts & Games), a better water park than Southern Adventures and a Fun Center with laser tag. Something to get kids off their phones and internet and to keep inner city kids from getting in trouble.


Last but Definitely not least a Theme Park. (Six Flags Rocket City maybe?) All of this would make people stop through Huntsville traveling on their way to Atl, Bham, Nashville and Memphis.


When I was a kid in Huntsville there was Chuck e cheese, Discovery Zone, Southern Adventures and The Park in Madison. All of these places kept us busy on the weekends.



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