What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Get Serous about Recycling

With Huntsville expanding, it leaves the issue of what to do with our waste.

Sadly, it appears that we're more committed to incineration of trash then recycling. With RANA here, we have the possibility of expanding recycling. However, RANA currently is extremely limited in taking only #1 and #2 plastic (many containers I buy seem to be #5), cardboard and paper. I am happy that it will possibly reach out to 20,000 more households (IF they sigh up). But I am really sad that it means there is no place to recycle glass in this city.

As the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day approaches, what will Huntsville's report card read? I think it would receive a D-minus on recycling. I propose we look seriously at what can be done to encourage and enhance recycling in Huntsville and stop all the greenwashing.



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