What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Green Space

Huntsville continues to grow and expand in all directions and it seems at a faster pace in the last couple of years. Huntsville has done a very good job creating green spaces and needs to continue to do so. I believe we need to get creative with our green spaces adding art, culture, beauty, and versatility. I believe we need to connect all of our bike trails and connect these trails to neighborhoods for easy access. Cities need parks and dedicated green spaces for recreation and relaxation. People who suffer from a lack of exposure to nature damages not only our physical health but our mental well being as well. There is a substantial evidence base to show that green space is good for us. It is associated with many health benefits, both physical and mental – including reductions in illness and deaths, stress and obesity – and a range of positive social, environmental and equity outcomes.

Providing adequate green space within our urban areas is therefore paramount. We need to preserve, enhance and promote existing green spaces and create new spaces.



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