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Historic Five Points Thoughts

I'm very passionate about Five Points and the downtown area. It has a lot of great things going for it already, and there are many projects that could make it an even more desirable area. My least favorite part of the area is that four gas stations were allowed to operate so close to the historic Five Points and Old Town areas (with even more gas stations nearby). It is a tremendous eye sore. I love local businesses like 1892 East, Star Market, Thai Garden, Walker's Market, Olde Towne Coffee, Galen's, and Po Boy Factory (and even think having restaurants like Tenders and Ted's BBQ in the area is nice even though I prefer healthier options and would like to see a restaurant like Sunflower Café Nashville pop up in the area). I hope there will be more scrutiny placed on the businesses that are allowed in the area in the future since having Hardee's right off of Pratt (as one example) isn't the best sign for people who are lovers of historic areas and local business. I would either like to see businesses that are appropriate for the area or nothing at all, since a nice green space or small park is more charming than a gas station or cheap looking fast food chain. It's all about preserving the history while making quality updates that add value to the community. There is enough of the typical chain stuff on major roads around town like University Drive, Airport Road, Jordan Lane, the Parkway, etc. Hopefully the vision will be for long term success and not just making a quick buck. I can name countless cities, but one of the smallest with the most charm that makes it very hard to encounter a chain restaurant/store is downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Some new local businesses that I'm very proud to have in the community are Preservation Company and Holtz Leather on Meridian Street. Those are the types of businesses that are so impressive that they add value to the area and are the places you want to take people from out of town. I'm hoping the new year will be filled with even more positive growth for the city of Huntsville!



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