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Huntsville Ciclovía!

In Bogota, Colombia the city pretty much shuts down a large portion of its nicer street areas to vehicle traffic almost every Sunday and holiday to allow for an event called "CiclovĂ­a" where tons of people come out to run, bike, walk, etc. One of my first weekends there I went to check it out, and I was surprised how much participation there was. Not only tons of people out enjoying the nice weather while doing something healthy and physical, but they also had music, food stands, and a few other vendors here and there.

Now I obviously understand there are a few differences between Bogota, Colombia and Huntsville, Al. Bogota (a very dense capital city of about 8 million) doesn't have a ton of accessible running paths, most people are working during the week, and the city suffers from high pollution levels. But I can see a similar, recurring event in Huntsville (downtown every other Sunday?) where people can come out and walk, run, bike, etc. in the streets while they listen to music, socialize, eat from a food truck, etc. Good way to meet your fellow residents, enjoy some sunshine, get your eyes away from a screen, get some exercise, and get the city to further embrace bicycling into the culture! Larger cities in the US have apparently tried it, but Bogota is the only one I've seen in person. Here's a couple of links with info:






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