What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Impending Mess

What is the "Big Picture" for the Northwest area that Huntsville annexed in the Old Railroad Bed Road - Capshaw Road area of the city? The planning commission website only addresses "Big Picture" plans for areas of the established part of the city and along the Greenbrier corridor. Meanwhile, our brilliant planning commission continues to approve mega-developments in the area surrounding Old Railroad Bed and Capshaw without considering the ramifications it will have on traffic flow. Both these roads are not built to handle the volume of traffic the recently approved mega-housing developments will generate. These roads are antiquated for the extra traffic and not much more than two lane "goat paths." We can expect even more gridlock than we're currently experiencing.


My suggestion is to quit taking the developers money and have a master plan that will work for our area because right now you have none.



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