What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

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Dennis: I just don't want to see Huntsville stuck in an isolated "Hard to,Get to location " into perpetuity! I believe thiis is major reason along with our existing population base as why some businesses pass on Huntsville. We never had a Macy's , Lord and Taylor,Shaper Image or an IKEA and we've trying to get a Trader Joe's with no avail. Something needs to POP here in Huntsville because in someways from the outside we're still seen as as small market town. I for one wish as I'm sure others here in Huntsville and N. Al would liked to have seen one of the Stones or The Who reunion concerts at the VBC arena! If Elvis played a four night run here back in the day there is no reason and or excuses as why we can't book more "top A list acts" here to Huntsville. IE. Paul McCartney played Bonaroo up in Manchester TN a couple years ago.I guess he didn't have time to come down here for a concert, but he had time to do the Bonaroo Festival WHY????

Huntsville folks it's time to find a way to do, instead of excuses as not to! We Can Do It! Roll Tide and War Eagle and God Bless America. Amen.



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