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Indian Creek Greenway drinking fountains

I regularly run the Indian Creek Greenway an notice that a lot of folks (including small children) use it during the heat of the day. It would be nice to install public drinking fountains every mile or so along the path.

I remember back when I lived in Chicago that the city had installed fountains like this along the Lake Michigan public sidewalk. It was a much appreciated public service, especially during the summer.

Submitted by john.majerle 9 months ago

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    9 months ago

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  1. If not install more water fountains, how about at least making sure the ones located at the park work. I run on it fairly regularly, yet I can't remember the last time those fountains actually put out water.

    5 months ago
  2. http://www.bloomberg.com/video/peru-billboard-turn-humidity-into-drinking-water-LDmJNfEHTtWLZBEXDio94A.html

    Great idea, Cinnamon395! We should get one like this for the parks and sidewalks. The billboard can be a shape of simple drop of water

    4 months ago