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Move Electrical Substation from Dwtn to Governors & Pkwy

Move the Electrical Substation from Downtown to Corner of Governors & Parkway. You could make it nice looking by encorporating some type of art walls around it shielding it from the parkway and governors. The high power lines that service it currently pass directly by that corner which would allow for hookup easily. This would utilize a space that most likely will never be used for anything else and free up the area across from the library for a new building, hotel etc.

Submitted by 1 year ago

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  1. Cool idea! Make it an art installation on much-less-valuable land! Moving it would be ideal. If this is impossible or infeasible, then I'm still all for making it an art installation where it currently sits.

    1 year ago
  2. Forget moving it. Turn off the power to all of downtown? This is not a couple of extension cords or a fuse box. Millions of dollars. It will be where it is. Make use of it. See lover's Bridge in Paris, ribbon / lanyard adornment.

    1 year ago
  3. altus1 Idea Submitter

    Not talking about turning off the power to downtown, just relocating the station. The power lines go right by the new location enroute to the location. The lines connecting downtown could be rerouted underground from the new location. The old location is in a prominent location that could offset the cost to move the facility. If the location is large enough for an upscale hotel it would more than pay for it with the cost of the land that the city/utility could sell to a developer and the new tax income from the new facility could offset it even further. Just thinking out of the box here. It would clean up the downtown area look by removing that electrical station and gaining some new building in its place across from the library.

    1 year ago

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