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I have always wanted to visit times square to view the ball dropping on new years night. With the economy how it is, I don't plan on taking a trip to new york anytime soon to participate in the ball dropping to bring in the new year. So, Mayor Battle maybe adding a simple ball drop, would bring more fun to downtown Huntsville for the Holiday season. I know I would invite my friends and family to come out to watch the excitement. It would definitely become a family tradition for me.

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  1. It could be done in Big Spring Park from the roof of the Museum with the Skating Rink, Trees etc...

    2 years ago
    1. ashlee35816 Idea Submitter

      Yeah, that could be a good place.

      2 years ago
  2. Already on it! Check out NYE at Tinsel Trail:


    2 years ago
    1. ashlee35816 Idea Submitter


      2 years ago
  3. I heard Terra Mae had firewirks in memory of Joseph Bagwell and that they actually had a balldrop too! Cool videos on facebook. Kudos!!

    2 years ago

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