What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

New to Huntsville and proud to call it home.

I have only been living in Huntsville for 6 months now and I have loved every minute of it. I have lived in Georgia in the city and also other parts of Alabama in cities as well, but i can honestly say that Huntsville is truly amazing. It is not only a pretty city but it always has something going on for the entire family. Personally I like going to Big Springs with my wife and our dog just to watch the ducks and have a picnic. I work for the city and I am proud to tell people that I work for The City of Huntsville, most often people's reply is "Huntsville is such a pretty city". One thing I would love to see at Big Springs Park is a big Ferris Wheel like the one in Atlanta. This would be great for the kids and the kids at heart and what a view it would be. That is the ONLY thing I envy about Atlanta. Well other than them having the Braves. With that being said, I am so thrilled for Madison for their new endeavor with BallCorp and the Bay Bears. I lived in Rome, Ga when they got the Braves minor league team and it made such an impact on the communities around Rome, that's all we talked about. It was great and I can't wait to see how it's going to effect Madison County when the Bay Bears move into town. I wish it could have been Huntsville but I will gladly drive to Madison to support them.

Sunday I finally got to go visit the old store and train cars sitting at the Railroad Depot, I was like a kid. Of course I had to get a pic of me in and beside the old truck at the gas pumps at the old store, and inside the old steam engine near the depot. Soon I will be going on the train ride at the Depot on Chase Rd.and I can't wait for that. There's so much to enjoy here and not enough time to do it all. Also I must say, if you have never been to the Safari in South Huntsville, load up the kids and Grandyoungens and give it a try. You're gonna love driving thru looking at all the animals and feeding them out of your hand. It's very affordable and the whole family has fun.

So if you've read all this I'm sure you share my excitement, everybody get on my bandwagon and let's get a Ferris Wheel at the Park, get more ducks, fight to save abandoned pets that are being put to sleep, Love our neighbors and stop killing them, Put GOD back in our schools and take the guns and violence out, give our kids a chance to live and to achieve their dreams and goals and show America what a great city looks like. Thank you for your time and let's all do our part to make Huntsville a Model city.😀



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