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Performing Arts Center/Music Hall/Art classes

Transform the Art Deco building into a Performing Arts, Theater, and Fine Arts and Music Center. From what I understand, it already has an auditorium and would be perfect for community plays, and art and music learning/classes. We must preserve a place (preferably in historic Huntsville) for the arts and cultural learning. Engaging young people in the arts is the most important thing a community could do. There could be art, jazz, and acting classes. The Huntsville Community Chorus, HAL, the Tennessee Valley Jazz consortium, and others can all use this facility to engage youth in the arts, something that is losing funding in our schools, and utilize the Art Deco style for an artistic purpose. HAL is always looking for space for art classes and the Huntsville Community Chorus is always looking for theater space.

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  1. I agree with using any of these building for community Fine Arts Centers. This would preserve the integrity and historicity of the buildings as a place for developing and equipping the next generation for educational and arts purposes. One idea would be to have music teachers or music schools to rent space as a hub for instruction and performances. -Dennis Brock, Director of New Song School of Fine Arts

    2 years ago
  2. Dennis,

    I agree with your statement. Music groups in this area need acoustically adequate space in which to rehearse and perform. As president of the Huntsville Concert Band, I have to add: "Non profit music groups especially need such a space for a very low price." Huntsville is becomeing a hub for musicians and it's only natural, epected that adequate facilities become available.

    2 years ago
  3. I agree with everything that has been said here. I just think the Annie Mertz Center is a better choice;

    * More performance spaces

    * much bigger allowing for even greater synergy, teaching and lower per space rents

    * Excellent parking(almost 200 spaces)

    * It is on the edge of the Historic district instead of in the middle of it(traffic)

    2 years ago
  4. My hometown, Rock HIll, SC, has done a wonderful job bringing life back to their downtown by turning old buildings into arts centers. This is a link to their arts council website and specifically their locations and what is in each - http://www.yorkcountyarts.org/#!locations/c24zz. They have performance centers, art galleries, studio spaces for artists, and more! I think this would be a fantastic idea for Huntsville. It would bring locals and tourists alike to downtown and have a measurable economic impact. Plus it would be another selling point for the city as they try and bring more business to Huntsville.

    2 years ago

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