What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Properly timed lights

Has Huntsville is growing and bringing in new businesses it is bringing in new housing, which means more traffic. I think it is time for Huntsville to considered breaking up with its love for red lights and manage traffic flow with timed lights instead of sensors on major thru ways. An example is if I leave downtown on Pratt and continue on University doing the speed limit I should be able to make each light green, however currently doing the speed limit I am guaranteed to hit every light red even if they are a block apart, thus I am frustrated, try speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, etc. Same with Jordan Lane, a commuter should be able to start at Gate 10 drive the speed limit and hit the majority of the traffic lights green, with maybe the exception of University. Timed lights will manage traffic better as well as encourage drivers to maintain the posted speed limits because NOBODY has a love for red lights when trying to get to their destination, with exception of those on their cell phones trying to text somebody. And if I knew I would get more green lights than red I might actually do business with establishments on these routes, because right now I avoid them because I know red lights and frustrated traffic and nothing but problems.



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