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Reimagine East Clinton School as a place of entertainment

In Portland, OR we have McMenamin's Kennedy School. They took an aging elementary school and turned it into a hotel with restaurants, a movie theater, and a brewery. This McMenamins group does this with all sorts of historic buildings around Oregon. It revitalizes the community, encourages tourism and gives great life to old buildings.

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  1. You could be right-on but I wonder what such a commercial project would do to a quiet residential neighborhood. Maybe that would be a better idea for a school outside the residential area?

    2 years ago
  2. hilary Idea Submitter

    @darrylgoldman Totally hear you on that point, and I would think the same. But the one in Portland is actually situated in a sleepy neighborhood and i works out quite well. One other point is its very family oriented as pubs tend to be here in oregon. They have concerts for kids there as well. It winds up creating a bit of a community hub actually.

    2 years ago
  3. The McMenamins Kennedy School is an amazing mix of economic development and historic preservation in a very family-friendly and green environment. Repurposing the East Clinton school for something like this would be unique in the Tennessee Valley area -- probably even unique in the Southern US. Recreating a cultural center that offers a boutique hotel, spa, bars, brewery, arts, theatre, movies, concerts and other entertainment, shops, gardens, weddings/private events, and living museum could bring an incredible boost in revitalization to the entire downtown area.

    2 years ago

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