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I disagree to Idea Responses from the Mayor on Topics Presented


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Responses from the Mayor on Topics Presented

Imagine Huntsville is an excellent way to express our interests and concerns! Many ideas are presented here by caring citizens.

Will the Mayor and Councilmen please reply to the topics?

Can announcements of public meetings be published through Imagine Huntsville?

This is an excellent medium to give reminders of public meetings held in public buildings, for the purpose of city business.


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  1. Moderator

    Hi Avatar;

    Right now I think we're just scratching the surface of what the Imagine forum can do. We're currently laying the internal groundwork to do a Comprehensive Plan for Huntsville, beginning in Spring of 2014. This is something that's not been done for 40 or 50 years, and really needs to happen in order to guide growth and development throughout the city. I anticipate using Imagine as one of a number of media portals for announcing public meetings and soliciting feedback and input.

    As for replies, I think that as we get into the planning process, you'll start hearing a lot from your elected officials, both in response to comments and in sharing their own ideas.

    Thanks again for participating, and please be confident that though we might not answer every thread and comment, they are all being heard.


    Dennis Madsen, AICP

    Manager of Urban and Long-Range Planning

    City of Huntsville

    1 year ago

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