I agree to Idea Restaurants you can find outside of Huntsville?  Why not here?? I disagree to Idea Restaurants you can find outside of Huntsville?  Why not here??


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Restaurants you can find outside of Huntsville? Why not here??

You can go to Shoney's in Fayetteville TN, but not in Huntsville?

You can go to Dairy Queen in Sommerville, but not in Huntsville?

We have ONE homestyle-type buffett in Huntsville? We can sure pick up the Golden Corral commercials on local channels though!

None of the businesses mentioned above were hurting for patronage. What happened?


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  1. To quote a famous economist: "The free market shall decide." All of those restaurants mentioned were once here, but left. You see, due to health regulations, every restaurant has to be closed and/or renovated every 20 years to keep up. Up to that time, that restaurant develops a local reputation of being "old & nasty." That reputation must go away for them to move back in.

    1 year ago
  2. We have restaurants filling all these niches, and Huntsville has a huge selection of chain restaurants. Golden Corral is coming. There's a Dairy Queen on 72 west and Google says there are two others on North and South Parkway. Shoney's as a chain is a pale shadow of their former selves and has withdrawn from many places.

    Huntsville has a big appetite for eating out. If Shoney sees a money making opportunity, they'll be back.

    1 year ago
    1. ginger.white Idea Submitter

      Google is incorrect. The Dairy Queen's we had are long gone and the one on 72 is a good ways outside Huntsville, in Madison. You must not live here lol. Good to hear about the Golden Corral though.

      1 year ago
    2. The Dairy Queen in "Madison" is in Huntsville city limits, as is most of the north side of 72 west. Even the new Walmart near County Line Road is in Huntsville. The city sprawls a long way.

      1 year ago
  3. To comment on the mention that Shoney's is a pale shadow of their former selves:

    The last (I think) Shoney's in the city they started in - Charleston, WV, by Alex Shoenbaum - closed a while back.

    Sad, but there's a tiny kiosk museum to them on the parking lot where they started as a true drive-in.

    I grew up on them but they didn't survive intense competition.

    1 year ago
    1. ginger.white Idea Submitter

      I agree. The rich can go anywhere they want to go here in Huntsville and have whatever they want. Those of us who don't have lots of money or expensive taste enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, a simple but delicious buffet breakfast, some fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy, love Shoney's. Fru fru always wins and we just have to deal with it.

      1 year ago

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