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Rethink Triana at Clinton

As the city has grown and changed so have traffic patterns and I feel it may be time for the city engineers to rethink Triana and Clinton intersection.


Right now it is a stop sign for north bound Triana traffic with Clinton traffic having right of way. However current traffic patterns really don't support this configuration anylonger. With large school buses, commercial semi-trucks, and garbage/recycling trucks using Triana to access Governors commuter traffic gets backed up daily since one large vehicle can take up the whole left turn lane at the intersection of Triana at Governors blocking use of the second northbound lane thru the intersection. And to top it off the left turn signal light lasts 4.5 seconds (yes I have timed it daily and barely two cars or one semi-truck can turn left before it turns yellow).


Very little traffic travels southwest on Clinton from Governors to Triana and with how the lights are timed in that area (Clinton/Governors & Triana/Governors) many cars can't proceed thru the Triana/Governors intersection within the light timing due to stopping and waiting for that one car that comes don't Clinton and slows down or stops because they are confused by the intersection onto Triana, as it naturally seems to be a stop for the Clinton traffic and not the Triana traffic.


Not sure if it should be a 3 way stop at Triana and Clinton, or just a stop for Clinton with a sign on Triana saying do not to block the intersection, but something should be done, especially now that Triana has been resurfaced and more folks will be driving down it.


Also southbound traffic on Triana coming across Governors goes to one lane at the light but 2 lanes at the yield sign just beyond the light at the Clinton intersection. This has caused some traffic issues for those trying to look for that one lone car driving down Clinton making that very sharp turn at the speed limit (or assuming it is a stop sign and stopping completely). So keeping Triana one lane thru Governors and Clinton intersections until after the yield would be safer for all as well as allowing for a longer and safer left turn lane for northbound traffic turning onto westbound Governors, at least until after the intersection is re-engineered.



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