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River walk landscape and development

As the Belk Hudson Lofts and other downtown improvements are beging to take shape Huntsville should start thinking about a long range plan to improve and develop a river walk greenway from Church ST (by the dog park) that follows the river all the way to the Lowe Mill. An attractive usable river front that connects the down town to Lowe Mill Arts Center will encourage the redevelopment of the properties (now old defunct strip malls) that front (or back, as is the case now) the river. A few pubs and coffee shops along the way would pop up I'm sure. By connecting the arts and crafts center to the downtown Huntsville would be creating an entrepreneurial creative and innovate center in the heart of the city.

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  1. CT, thanks for linking to the other threads! I would LOVE to see this "river walk" go all the way to Lowe Mill! What a great idea. Plus, it pushes the "city center" outwards toward the parkway (what everyone seems to want- more accessibility). Lowe Mill is such a great asset to the future ideal downtown Huntsville- connecting to Lowe Mill can only benefit downtown growth.

    2 years ago
  2. Totally agree..Lowe Mill is a WONDERFUL Arts & Entertainment asset and is a lovely place to go...I am just mad I didn't even find it til last year...which puts more emphasis on the need to bring more accessibility. (I looked for it once and just -couldn't find it-) -finally met someone that went on regular basis (and with him telling me how wonderful it sounded)...he told me how to get there and Voila! Found it! -wonderful place for family, friends, etc. I am in love with concerts on the dock...so relaxing, family friendly, and BREATHABLE music entertainment on the weekend! :) (can't ever manage to make concerts in the park because of schedule :-/ )

    2 years ago
  3. P.S. Just read more at the creek/riverwalk idea...sounds beautiful!!!! I think that would be VERY attractive...and I'd spend more time downtown, myself, that's for sure!

    2 years ago
  4. larry.mason Idea Submitter

    Here is a fun "prezi" of a walk through of a fantasy plan...


    2 years ago
    1. Moderator

      This is a terrific presentation and captures the vision of the City's Planning Department! Hope everyone takes a moment to walk through this greenway/riverwalk proposal for downtown Huntsville. It takes into account the connectivity already identified in the City's master plan. That plan will be updated soon, and everyone in Huntsville will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion and to submit new ideas. Now, we just have to figure out the funding!!

      2 years ago
  5. I recognize that Dallas is a metropolis with deep pockets... but thought some of the readers might like to see how they funded the wonderful Katy Trail


    2 years ago
  6. larry.mason Idea Submitter

    Well I for one would love to see a CDC (Community Development Corporation) be formed to spearhead an effort to develop a riverwalk. The real advantage of a CDC is that once it has a charter, a mission statement, solid funding, via a good business plan and fund raising activities it becomes much more stable over what will be a long development cycle. Mayors and Council Members are subject to the changes in political winds, where as a development corporation does not face the whimsical changes of attitude. If the CDC where to include council members on the board then the city has a vested interest in helping with permitting and legal procedure which will include federal agencies I'm sure. I think it is doable, we just need some strong leadership to step out of the wings.

    2 years ago
  7. Trouble is, Pinhook Creek, as the concrete canal is designated, is part of the flood mitigation overseen by the Army Corps of Engineers. The City has plans approved by the Corps for widening and further enhancing the entire floodway with a greenway. Being in the floodway or even the flood fringe restricts many uses and regulates what can be included. Wouldn't a bike path be awesome that then forks off and parallels the L&N rail line? .

    1 year ago

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