What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Riverboat cruise / casino

Huntsville is truly blessed by being near a major scenic river, the Tennessee River. There has been a lot of discussion on LinkedIn lately on bringing a riverboat cruise to our city. This could also tie us closer with our neighbor cities along the river.


As an added option, this boat could carry a casino. A lot of cities have casinos nearby that exist legally because they are in the water. Many people in Huntsville want a casino that is nearer than Memphis or the Smoky Mountains. Lots of folks drive to Tennessee and other nearby states to get lottery gambling tickets, draining money from our area. And remember, just because you don't want to gamble, doesn't mean you have to stop others from it. On a cruise, you can enjoy the scenery, history, and natural beauty around us.

What do you think?



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