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Science, Research & Technology Fall Festival

Huntsville could use a family friendly Fall festival in Big Spring Park that draws crowds from all over to highlight science and technology innovation in fun ways. Research Park companies can exhibit and demonstrate in creative ways to celebrate Rocket City. Medical institutions can find original ways to exhibit their advancements. Local restaurants and farms can sell gastronomical innovations. The latest in techno-arts can be represented in music and installations. Etc.

Submitted by nraymer 6 months ago

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    6 months ago

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  1. That's a great idea, keeping what makes Huntsville unique in the forefront of our city-wide events. I'd attend something like this long after I would stop going to Panoply or Big Spring Jam (rip)

    4 months ago
  2. nraymer Idea Submitter

    I hope it wouldn't be an either/or situation. Panoply is a different season and shows another unique side of Huntsville.

    4 months ago