What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Senior Playground

Senior playgrounds - playground/park areas with equipment, actvities, and even trails - geared to those of a certain level of life experience to provide them a venue to meet and have fun while working on needed skills. Balance, mobility, strength, etc, and fun! A city as progressive-minded as Huntsville could benefit in a huge way by leading the pack of smaller cities into this world-wide trend. I for one love to swing and walk a rope bridge and climb monkey bars, but admittedly feel a bit intimidated having 5YO kids watching gramma try to do this stuff.

Seriously, this would be such a draw for our older citizens. And such a motivation to get outside and play while building those strengths needed to just do everyday sh*t.

Think of the events and activities that could be a part of such an effort as building this park. Im sure it would be easy-peasy to get sponsors for such a venture!

I am not a social animal and don’t know a lot of people but I could definitely get behind something like this. Even though I live barely outside city limits. :)



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