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Solar roadways! Why not?

How about a solar roadway? This is cutting edge technology and would help reinforce Huntsville's high-tech reputation. Companies and individuals looking to move here would see Huntsville as a progressive, forward thinking place to be.


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  1. You are my new favorite poster!

    1 year ago
  2. This is a great video that explains...

    1 year ago
  3. Its a neat idea, but I dont think its practical. The main issues that should be considered is maintenance. There would be thousands of these panels out there that most likely would require maintenace all the time. An accident occurs on the roadway and the road is damaged and panels have to be replaced then an there. Right now accident occurs even a fire on the vehicle and its swept up and carted away. I can see these panels breaking or burning etc and then you have to replace them immediately. Longevity, how long will they last and work ? They have electronic components so they will eventually go out so they will have to be replaced. The amount of wiring involved with hooking them all up. It would be endless. The final one would be cost. If you think a regular roadway is expensive, then think about installing thousands of these things. Anyone who has ever put in tile would tell you it would be a nightmare connecting and leveling all the streets to accomodate these things. Asphalt and concrete can be leveled but these devices are like tile and must be leveled otherwise you get some funny looking roadways.. I am not saying it can not be done. I think it is a novel idea, but I would not be the first to do this because it could be a major financial drain/disaster if it did not work out. It appears it is in the beta stage anyway. I personally would wait until more data is in before trying this out..

    1 year ago
  4. It's a fascinating concept, but lacks practicality as redevelopment for now. We can't get underground lines for the utilities we have now, let along the underground infrastructure and access points to deal with a complicated road bed.

    A test project for a new road? That might be worth trying.

    1 year ago
  5. How bout a few pilot roads in the new John Hunt Park?

    1 year ago
  6. Good idea but I don't see them holding up. Whatever you think. We shouldn't invest in them until a proper testing and pilot.

    4 months ago

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