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Southside Skatepark

I am aware that a new park is being erected in South Huntsville near Challenger on Chaney Thompson. I feel that another skate park included in the design would be an ideal addition to the area for several reasons. First, is the success of the skate park already installed near downtown, as that facility is enjoyed as much as any public park in town. Second, there are many children who like to skate in South Huntsville who cannot get transportation to the one downtown as often as they would like. Third, presently kids skate at Challenger and The Montissori school often and I am sure both facilities would greatly appreciate an area for people to go enjoy instead of grinding on their handrails and curbs. Fourth, due to the access of the greenway children would be able to skate to it from a relatively long distance away. I beleive these facts are worthy to influence the city to move forward with another skate park in Huntsville especially when there is already a park being installed and this could simply be added to the design. Also there are already 2 playgrounds in the direct vicinity at challenger and mcgukin park. Please consider this as a way to continue to make South Huntsville more progressive.

Submitted by James Bilderback 8 months ago

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    8 months ago

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  1. I agree! Something for the older kids is the way to keep them engaged and out of trouble. Add some basketball hoops, too! That's where I always went in high school, the park that had a basketball court.

    8 months ago
  2. One of the most thoughtful, effective and useful ideas put forward so far.

    8 months ago
    1. James Bilderback Idea Submitter

      Thanks Scott

      8 months ago
  3. James Bilderback Idea Submitter

    The indoor soccer court at Mcguckin is packed every day and all the time as well. Would be a solid call to put a couple of them in as well.

    8 months ago