What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Stop light cameras

Running redlights is becoming routine in Huntsville. I notice it especially on Bailey Cove intersections in the morning. I see it about half the time (no exaggeration) I'm sitting at Weatherly and Bailey Cove in the morning. And I don't mean people cutting it close--I mean people blazing through at a high rate of speed when cross traffic has already started to move into the intersection. We've probably all seen this with the left turn signal. In many places (e.g. Carl T. Jones and Cecil Ashburn) traffic continues in a train through the intersection well after the turn arrow is red and through lights are green. It has become conventional practice. That is dangerous and stupid enough. Now people are starting to do this with the through signals themselves. So the first car barrels through (pedal to the metal) and another car tags along close on his/her bumper. My wife and babies traverse these intersections on a daily basis. I have two kids who will soon themselves be driving through these deadly intersections. Put cameras at intersections to award traffic tickets for this behavior. I realize it costs money and I am aware of the opposition to cameras in public spaces, but this is a real safety issue and the way you drive through intersections is not a private matter. Put the screws to people who run redlights and while you're at it, look for people texting and driving and fine them as well.



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