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Taste of Huntsville Event

When we lived in Charlotte they had a yearly event there called the Taste of Charlotte where local restaurants would set up stands downtown and people could buy tokens to sample their food. They would prepare their signature dishes etc and make them available for certain amounts of tokens. This would allow people to sample the foods of alot of restraunts and it was a very popular event every summer downtown. It was a pretty nice festival.

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  1. Sounds like the charity event that is done yearly. Here is a link to last years event. $30 is quite reasonable, I went to the taste of Cincinnati event easily spent that trying out different foods. They could change the setup maybe.


    1 year ago
  2. I've never gone to Taste of Huntsville at the VBC before, but I hear it is always very well attended. It might be nice, as altus1 suggests, to have a version of Taste of Huntsville outdoors, or perhaps expand the annual event outside into the street and park in front of VBC. Just to make it more visible, make use of the pretty landscape and include the food trucks.

    1 year ago

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