What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

The Ditches of Madison County

Running thru downtown Huntsville are three big, dirty ditches (Pinhook Creek (N/S runs behind the VBC), Fagen Creek (runs adjacent to Lowe Ave), and lesser-known Broglan Branch. Businesses face away from it; people avoid it, etc. etc.. but what IF... what if we fixed the ditch end to end (in stages) to hold water.. what if we put greenspace on both sides.. what if we put running trails thru the green spaces (over time, of course); what if we connected this to existing water and green spaces. This could all be done in stages over time and soon, hotels, bars and restaurants would start turning around and FACING the big ditch! The ditch could be built to release water in times of heavy rains and be an attractive waterspace in our downtown area. See attached image



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