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The placement of Walmart should remain at Drake Avenue

Any other placement of any Walmart within the 35801 area would be quite a disturbance.

The small Walmart on Drake is fine where it is and it should not be shuffled somehwere else within this prime area. We do not, absolutely not, need a huge Walmart in the central Huntsville area.

It will be a disruption, an annoyance and a traffic nightmare. Nearby residents do not seem to want this huge discount store in or near their neighborhood.

The Walmart Corporation can do a lot to clean up and to refine, yes, I said refine, the existing small Walmart at Drake.

I would like the Walmart Stores, Inc. to put in the time and money investment to maintain a nicely kept Drake Avenue store and perish the thought of building an over-sized, inappropriate, unwanted dinosaur of a store any other place.

They have huge stores on South Parkway, North Parkway, University Drive, the Hampton Cove area and others in Madison. They're all around us. We do not need the clutter of congestion.

Enough already.

It would be wonderful for Walmart Stores Inc. to declare their properties smoke-free, openly display some care and attachment to the local area, get rid of the perpetually filthy carpet at the door, and generally do some things to encourage their patrons to behave in a civil manner. Post some fresh and humorous reminders to place chewing gum and any other litter into some clean waste cans. Place clean, well-kept, colorful waste cans in lots of places. Have a couple of uniformed security people inside and outside to dissuade people from smoking and littering.

Generally, Walmart Stores Inc can be an example of a well-kept neighborhood store in the central Huntsville area, by keeping it small.

Don't expand what they choose to poorly maintain already.

Really, Walmart does respond to requests.

Their numbers are 256-536-0315 and 479-273-4314.

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  1. Pinned Moderator

    Just wanted to clarify the different city procedures involved in the Walmart that was proposed on Airport Road and the one just south of Drake on the Parkway.

    The one that was proposed on Airport Road was in an area that was not zoned to allow a retail activity. Due to this, the owners requested a re-zoning of the property to commercial. In order to re-zone land in the city, the Planning Commission must hold a public hearing and the City Council must hold a public hearing. These hearings were widely attended by the neighborhoods who expressed their desire that the land not be re-zoned. Ultimately the re-zoning request was denied by the city.

    The location on the Parkway, just south of Drake, is a completely different situation. The property is zoned Heavy Industry and commercial activity, such as a Walmart, is an allowed use. In other words, the owner did not have to ask the city to re-zone the property. The owner has the right to use the property as zoned so long as they comply with all the appropriate city ordinances and regulations regarding land development. In this specific case there were no exceptions requested by the owners to any regulation, so no public hearings were required. Also, the city can not with hold an approval when an owner meets all the adopted regulations.

    As a city employee, I have the opportunity to discuss many issues with citizens on a daily basis. Through the planning administration division we propose zoning ordinances that regulate uses and building layout, which are vetted through citizens, the Planning Commission and City Council. I would encourage you and others to stay involved in the planning and governing process because your voices do make a difference.

    1 year ago
  2. I Would like to see Walmart move to the land they bought near ethan Allen Store and see Virginia College move to the Current Walmart Store so Kroger can build a Super Kroger store on the Current property just like the New One on Jeff Road.

    1 year ago
    1. I'm all about Super Kroger. That's a great store, but the "possibility" of a Super Kroger is not worth the potential blight of the Super WalMart.

      1 year ago
  3. The central parkway area would be better served economically by a Target store, as their properties are more often surrounded by higher end retailers and a more discriminating buyer. Another Walmart on the parkway will just add to it's already junky and badly formed economic development plan. Hey, here's a great idea: Maybe we should go ahead and build two more highly visible, high-rise jails on the parkway while we're at it.

    1 year ago
    1. avatar Idea Submitter

      "A Target store" sounds nice.

      I don't want to have a super-size anything... well, perhaps some green land to mitigate the tar and concrete and the smells and sounds and traffic and crowding.

      1 year ago
    2. A Target would be nice in that location instead but Target is not looking, Walmart is. Hopefully the owners of the current Walmart location on Drake will tear the building down and subdivide the property into some new attractive businesses...

      1 year ago
  4. We could use a Super Walmart or Target on 53 North, it would probably draw business from Ardmore too.

    1 year ago
  5. The 24 hour Super Walmart at Mason Plaza makes me sick. I mourn for midtown Huntsville, the next blight! Give it 5 years, people will drive through midtown with their windows and doors locked speeding towards the more "desireable" North, South, East or West. The comparison to the jail is a good one.

    But it's too late! See articles below.



    1 year ago
    1. Mason plaza is a nice area for small, local businesses.

      1 year ago
  6. avatar Idea Submitter

    Perhaps a special election... A petition might be useful. Really.

    1 year ago
  7. The drake location is good. Expanding it to a Super Walmart would be great!

    1 year ago
  8. avatar Idea Submitter

    Not in mid-town Huntsville. Where are we gonna park our bikes? It's somewhat of a rude crowd there already and we don't need to multiply that. Super is not savvy. Big is not better. Crowding is not cool.

    The parking for the small Walmart is too close to the entrance for safety. It is rather hazardous getting into and out of the store, the way Walmart arranges their parking pattern, having customers drive through the walkway. There needs to be a giant arc-shaped go-around to protect customers from the congested motor traffic that presently endangers everyone walking into and out of the Walmart building.

    A 50' arc of no vehicles, could guide all the motor traffic around their really busy doorway would be an excellent change.

    Walmart literally can not handle the traffic in their own parking lots. It is one of the dirtiest places in town. The corporation has never bothered to plant some trees or to install any kind of landscaping.

    This is a concrete and tar-paved invitation for people to behave rudely, dangerously, and to keep tossing their gum, discarded food and beverages and other litter.

    It happens to be in a convenient place already. Don't mess with it by making it larger. Or by displacing local businesses nearby.

    Walmart can barely manage this small store as it is.

    This corporation has made no effort to engage on a local level.

    1 year ago
  9. The main reason the Walmart at Drake looks bad is that it is a leased property. Walmart does not own it. They have no reason to improve the property. The new location however will be 100% Walmart Owned so they will make sure it is very nicely landscaped and well built. Walmart on Drake is in the old Kmart Building which is pretty small and not too well arranged. I think the new location is much better and should clean up that side of the parkway. It will finally give that useless overpass a reason to exist. I am all for it.

    1 year ago
  10. As I understand, Walmart is not buying the land but entering into a multi year land lease with the landowners, much like the Shopping center at Weatherly and the parkway.

    1 year ago
  11. There's only one good way to tell a business you don't want it there and that's not to spend money. I know that many people like to save a little money and don't care that the majority of the merchandise at WM comes from China, there's no telling where the food comes from but it's certainly not as fresh as from our local green markets. So it's up to the consumer - like it? Shop there. Like to support our local small businesses? Shop there. It all boils down to money.

    1 year ago
    1. avatar Idea Submitter

      Actually, governing people make the decisions. The site across the street was chosen discretely, that is, without publicity or public knowledge that the lease or acquisition or site approval was given a chance.

      The people of this mid-town area, that is Airport Road and northward, had the opportunity and the knowledge to be effectively vocal in opposing the relocation of WM to Airport Road.

      So, what you're saying is that only people who spend money can have opinions or participate in decision-making?

      1 year ago
    2. avatar Idea Submitter

      I really appreciate Ms. Bostick's comments. The workings of the City are somewhat of a mystery and at times decision-making by the City appears to be perhaps skewed and done in an absence of input by citizens.

      Sometimes there are adverse effects. There is a decrease in green space and WM seems to be poised to pave over a land area that I find to be a welcome relief within our busy city.

      I can not say that I've done a survey of WM to know what or how much of their merchandise is made in China. It is possible that most of us may plan our spending very carefully. And, it is also possible that many of us make economical use of our time and transportation.

      Whenever possible, I conduct my business with local people. I take the time to read labels on food, clothing, furnishings, and to learn the source of whatever it is that I'm buying. I lean in favor of local ownership and American-made anything. And sometimes, I really do wish to acquire items made or produced elsewhere.

      I've learned that buying local means that we have available food and products that come from all over the world. Where would we be without bananas, the most popular fruit in America? Or coffee? Or dark chocolate? Our American palate is not exclusive to this country, to this continent or even to this hemisphere.

      There are lots of interesting foods and other products to be procured from almost anywhere that can be bought locally.

      For persons who have the luxury of exploring the city for things to buy, that sounds like a pretty comfortable way of life. Possibly, all of us are working to ensure that same sense of comfort and security.

      Thanks to Marie for the civics lesson. Keep 'em coming.

      1 year ago
  12. I think its incredibly stupid to move the Drake Walmart JUST across the street. How idiotic. The Sparkman store is a trash heap. The South Parkway store is better, the Hampton Cove store is the best. We do not NEED another Walmart in this town.

    1 year ago

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