What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Traffic Circle at Jordan Ln and 9th Ave.

I must say at the outset, I thoroughly expect this the get a record number of downvotes... but I just have to say it. I think a well-planned traffic circle at Jordan Ln and 9th Ave, (and at Triana and 9th too) would do wonders for connecting neighborhoods to walkable and bicycle destinations, but that would not be the biggest benefit... no, the biggest reason would be increased traffic flow through the area while improving safety 10 fold while reducing the risk of serious injury and pedestrian fatalities.


9th Ave is the perfect throughway for experimental shared used, and test lab for AV traffic and high tech traffic communication devises. 9th could be designated as a high tech, pedestrian, walkable and neighborhood cultural corridor. Let the stoning begin!





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