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Use city land next to Ditto for Riverwalk area

Utilize the 120 acres plus the city has just west of Ditton on west side of river bridges for a Riverwalk type development area like they have in Branson Landing in Branson MO. They built up an area on the river and have a large shopping area with a Bass Pro Shops , Hotels, museums and lots of outdoor shopping alongside their river there. A Similar area closer is Augusta GA Riverwalk.


Submitted by altus1 1 year ago

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  1. Something like this would benefit Huntsville residents, and also bring in business from nearby areas like Lacey's Spring and maybe as far as Cullman.

    1 year ago
  2. We definitely need to revitalize SE Huntsville on the Parkway. The further south you go on the Parkway, the more terrible it looks! We need some decent restaurants and more places to shop. I understand that Madison is the "it" place to live and shop right now, but we need to attract more here in Huntsville.

    1 year ago

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