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Using Spaces Downtown

The former Hale Furniture Store on Jefferson is a perfect example. The building has been empty for years. Rotting wood covers the windows. A green construction barrier (which is falling apart) blocks most of the sidewalk. Trash accumulates at the entrance.


You get one chance at a first impression and THIS is what greets everyone driving into downtown Huntsville. It’s a shining example of what should NEVER be allowed.


The city should either force the owner to commit to construction and improvements or they should use Eminent Domain to move the process along.


Chattanooga's downtown revival is a shining example of a what happens when a city embraces growth and investment.


It would push owners to actually do something with their property, or they might sell it to motivated developers. Developers who are willing to improve our downtown.


Huntsville has the right to charge owners when they fail to mow a neglected yard. Why can’t they force these vacant building/lot owners to do something either via taxes or Eminent Domain?



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