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Utilize Ditto Landing Area

There are a number of cities that have great parks, shopping and downtown areas right on a river such as Florence, Guntersville, Memphis, Nashville, and Knoxville. Huntsville is doing it wrong! There is a thriving neighborhood right near Ditto, a green way that connects the Mt. Gap and Challenger areas to the Marina as well. An area similar to Bridgestreet or Providence with small shops and great restaurants needs to be developed right off the Tennessee River so Huntsville can utilize the beautiful scenery found there. People will be able to walk or bike there from the surrounding areas, or if done right even dock their boats. It would only help Huntsville grow in population as there are many neighborhoods still developing new houses and could bring people in that are moving to Madison to be closer to Bridgestreet or Providence.

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  1. Moderator

    I like this idea, and indeed it had always flummoxed me as to why Huntsville had not done more to engage its riverfront. However, I'm wondering if there are certain natural challenges that might preclude higher density redevelopment around Ditto Landing. How might the flood plain and flood way of the Tennessee River affect the buildable footprint?

    Regardless, I do think it would be nice to see more engagement along the riverfront. I'm not sure that the market would support another Bridge Street, but I certainly think some sort of commercial/retail/activity node would add to the appeal.

    2 years ago
  2. adhearne023 Idea Submitter

    I agree that developers would have to take into consideration the areas of flooding that occur when the water level rises and they open the dam, but I am sure there are ways to design around it. I don't think anything as large as Bridgestreet would be cost effective, but everyone knows the one thing Huntsvillians can't get enough of are restaurants. I think several of those near the river surrounded by shops, a supermarket, some parks and maybe a movie theater would get good business. If you were able to plan it along with the development of new houses in the area, that would ensure the area continues to grow into a thriving community.

    2 years ago

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