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Vote by Mail? Where are you? Seeking pleasant discussion!

Hello all who read this! I am curious about this issue because I recently moved here from WA state. Here are my thoughts: In WA we receive our ballot in the mail with a voter's pamphlet. Typically we get them a few weeks before the election. Postage is already marked on the envelope. We read it at our leisure and submit our ballot in the mail. You can also drop them off. Typically banks, schools, and state buildings have a drop off box that you can drive up to and drop off your ballot.


Voting here is vastly different obviously! Looking into it, I found some info that Alabamians find cost to be an issue. However, I can't help but feel that vote by mail would ultimately be cheaper. For one, the infrastructure (post office) is already in place. Woohoo! That would mean less cost going to renting polling locations and paying wages for polling workers. Also, having the ability to read all of the details in the pamphlet really allows you to make an informed decision. You have the time to think on it with all of the info, not skewed from media, before voting. Lastly, that convenience extends to every single person that votes.


Believe me when I say that it is so easy. I have always voted. Whether it be local, state, or federal issues, I have always voted. Down here, I am overwhelmed by the process. The idea of standing in line and only having one day to vote seems archaic and unnecessary. I struggle to believe that this does not affect voter turnout when I myself am considering simply not voting to avoid all of the hoops. Is it even possible for a city to have early voting/vote by mail within a state that does not? I am interested in other people's thoughts on this issue. Thanks for reading!



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