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Weinachts Markt

Turn Big Spring Park into a traditional "Weinachts Markt" (Christmas Market) for a period of time around the Holidays. It would bring people back to the traditional "coming together" feel that we used to enjoy when we lived in Germany. The markets had food (gulash suppe in bread bowls, hot chocolate, chocolates, broetchen and bratwursts etc...) along with non-food vendors, and the vendors should have mostly small items like ornaments, small toys, which would bring in everyone for little unique presents. It would be lovely around the water of Big Spring Park.

Thanks for listening.

Submitted by 2 years ago

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  1. Moderator

    The ice skating rink and Tinsel Trail have transformed Big Spring Park this winter, and we think an European style Christmas Market would be another great addition. Excellent idea for the Arts Council and Museum to pursue with the City!

    2 years ago
  2. The Weinachts Markt in Germany was one of my greatest memories of Germany too. They had ferris wheels, rides for kids, vendors, music. It was great. The downtowns were the center of action during the Christmas season. I'd volunteer to be on an action committee for this for 2013.

    2 years ago
  3. Downtown on the square is just so beautiful at Christmas anyway, i think we can expand on that and come up with a really unique holiday attraction. Or...think of something similar for AFTER xmas when everthng is dull and boring. Lol

    2 years ago

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