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A lot of folks are complaining about Zeirdt Rd and others needing attention. Huntsville has a plan, but money is the key factor here. We are set to be bigger than Birmingham in 10 to 15 years. They still get the 20/59 bridge replaced, south of Birmingham they are got to widen I-65 to six lanes and are trying to get the northern loop to connect 459. Huntsville gets pushed back onI-565 and the possible Southern bypass now the Arsenal East Connector. I will be retired when it gets done and I’ve go 20 years to go. Start writing John Cooper head of ALDOT. Restore our roads and the sales tax increase is some help but having been told we are low on funds is a stretch. FYI, this was before they announced the I-65 widening and talk of relocation of parts of I-59. Huntsville is trying.



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