What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

Why keep Huntsville in the dark ages

I have a simple question why have Huntsville Madison county leadership been so against bringing in really big bold fun exciting things for the folks here to do here. I as well as others have suggested on this site to bring in things such as theme parks water parks zip lining indoor skydiving ropes courses monorail transit unfortunately these suggestions are often shut down for a myriad of reasons. Why are some folks here so bent on keeping Huntsville so basic plain and bare-bones as possible devoid of any exciting fun thrills and bells and whistle's ? We can do better than this folks a lot better it is time to step it up and make Huntsville a really fun cool place to live and work . City and county leader ship needs a major attitude change on this front , The sooner the better! I do believe that a majority of the electorate and citizenry would be very welcome of these venues and activities here locally i The days of being Mayberry and Hooterville are long in the past . So to the mayor and city Council County commission and civic leader ship I asked you to please be more open minded and flexible on these issues and see what we can make happen. We shouldn't have to go out of state to have fun! Thanks.



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