What is your favorite BIG Picture idea for Huntsville

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Widen Martin Road to Gate 1 Redstone Arsenal - Martin Road East

I wrote a few city/traffic people about this before Cecil Ashburn ever closed, but never heard back. Martin Road east entrance has 3 lanes at the actual gate, but there are only two lanes approaching it - until about the last 25 yards where it splits. For Huntsville City, I'd wager the largest residential growth has been in east huntsville over the mountain, and with the reopening of Cecil Ashburn the flow on Martin road is back at peak volume between 7-8ish (and beyond) Mon-Thur. I've been tracking it on traffic apps and have seen the backup go almost to the Parkway interchange. See the attached image - 7:05am oct 29th. And this is before there is any real backup on 4 Mile Post. When Cecil is fully open and there are 2 lanes flowing in that direction, 4 Mile Post will be the only limiter, and it will probably be really bad.


I don't understand with all the work going on at the other major gates that this one has not been upgraded - especially knowing where all the new city housing is going up, which will probably only increase once Cecil is done. The ONLY thing limiting going from 2 lanes to 3 easily all the way is the bridge over the creek close to the gate. Of course a simple new bridge of one lane would be the easiest fix, instead of tearing down the existing one for a new 3-lane bridge. This really should have been addressed while Cecil was closed and the traffic on that road was much lighter.


I know of people who live over the mountain who have realized that it is still better for them to go Governor's and enter another gate instead of spending half their commute sitting on Martin Rd just to creep in bumper-to-bumper traffic up to the gate. Then it's a few miles from that point to any work location on the base. When it takes more time to go from the Parkway through the gate as it did to get from the other side of the mountain to that point, it is very frustrating. And just for those who live in South Huntsville where most of their commute to the base is spent sitting on that stretch of Martin Rd - a road that has a sole purpose to just get people on that base - is a royal pain.



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